Digitally Transform Your Organizational Processes

Without sacrificing the way your teams are used to working.

Background Section

More often than not, home maintenance, repair, and cleaning businesses send sales representatives into the field to bid out the work a client is requesting. These handwritten bids can contain legal disclosures, Statements of Work, and Payment Schedules that are manually transcribed by clerks in an office who spend countless hours on data entry. Unfortunately, your paper-based processes won’t go away overnight – especially when your employees are used to a certain way of life. They can, however, be digitally transformed using a tailored business process management application that is powered by both Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition technology. From OSHA logs and reports, to safely backing up, storing, and searching for old records, manually keying-in your paper documents is a costly burden of the past.

Goal = to describe the desired outcome

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Approach = this describes how we set out to solve the problem

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Solution = describes the end result

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