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The Innately platform works across devices thanks to being connected to the Cloud. The means you can manage your documents and forms easier than ever before.

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than any handwriting to text processing technology

handwriting recognition of handwritten documents and forms to text or automated data input
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Handwriting Recognition

Unlike every other transcription software, OCR, and ICR tool on the web, your IDP app can digitize legible handwriting without the painful set-up process of every other form digitization software. We pair this with data validation and review for blank or illegible fields. 


Stacks of bulky paper are not convenient. What is convenient? Being able to access those fully scanned documents anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device thanks to our Cloud app. We can also convert not just scanned, but other image documents (.jpg, .png, etc.). That way, you can also snap a picture with your smartphone camera and send it straight to be digitized!

Powerful Management

Advanced search and filter capabilities are more than just fancy words. With IDP, users can sort, filter, create, and export reports into convenient .CSV files for use in Excel and other software in minutes to fuel game-changing analytics. We also offer automatic integration with hundreds of popular business applications (CRMs, Excel, Google, and more).

Every Minute Counts

Your organization doesn’t have to waste time and money on employees manually keying in handwritten data.


More Efficient Than Manual Data Entry


Availability From The Cloud

Hour Or Less Document Turnaround

Integratable Business Applications

Innately’s Document Processing

Quite possibly the Simplest and most Flexible transcription software known to your organization

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The Free Forever plan allows you to test the flexibility and viability of IDP before upgrading to create a custom form. 

Simple To Use

Use your phone to capture pictures of just about any form you have IDP has powerful and flexible digitization capability


The Innately Document Processing integrates with 750+ of your favorite business applications to streamline your work day.


From a few forms to thousands of forms, Innately’s Document Processing can handle problems of all sizes, no matter your needs.

Tailored Data Validation

Improve your accuracy by catching and correct mistakes more efficiently with built in validation on missing or incorrect fields  

Custom Reporting

Get better results and make your data work for you with custom report spreadsheets and a meaningful analytics dashboard. 

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